I am not sure if anyone remembers Blizzcon last year and the mess that was the store line. It would stretch for hundreds of feet and take hours to get to the front to pay for what you want. Blizzard has learned there lessons from last year. The problem last year both have been resolved so far, First with the better online ordering process for the tickets and Second with the Blizzcon store death  line.

Starting August 5th at 10am, for 48 hours you will be able to buy all the same merchandise at the Blizzcon store online at http://www.blizzard.com/store. They will ship it to you, and you should have it in time for Blizzcon. Now you can spend more time enjoying things! Here is the official release after the jump.

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The sixth and latest Harry Potter is set in the teenage years for Harry and friends.  When a movie involves teenagers, you know there are going to be hormones and relationships aplenty.  This installment works as a bridge to the end and final movies of the Harry Potter saga (Note: the last book will be split into two movies).  Harry is getting closer to learning the truth of Voldermort’s past and the Dark Lord is getting closer to the wizard himself.  As eluded to above, there is plenty of romance in this episode as well between Ron and Hermione, as well as Harry and the youngest of the Weasley clan.

The Good:

As a casual Harry Potter fan, I loved that the movie did not get to in depth in the wizard world and instead concentrated the story on the characters and building relationships.  The visuals were also stunning in making this world look so believable and majestic at the same time.

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As you know, earlier I got my hands on a video preview of the new Prince of Persia film. EW, got an exclusive new photo with Jake Gyllenhaal as the prince Dastan. Check it out below!


I don’t know if you guys rememeber that Jay Mohr hosted Blizzcon last year and it was a blast. I just got word from him via email that he is in-fact hosting it again this year! I took a screenshot and blurred out the email address(THIS IS NOT A TWITTER POST). In case anyone forgot, here is a video in which he jumps on one of the costume contest vehicles.


Microsoft was kind enough to invite me to their E3 Press Conference, so I figured I’d be kind enough to share my experience. The place was packed and the parking was insane, not even the 50 man valet team could keep up with the parking. They practically kick you out of your car so they can move to the next one. You then move your way through a bunker to a giant snake line. This line reminded me of the Blizzcon line, I’m sure some of you know what I mean. After waiting in line for 30 minutes they finally started letting us in, it feels like you are going to a concert there are so many darn people, and there are assigned seating levels! This thing is huge. Enough about that, lets move onto the show.

Rock Band Beatles

Doesn’t the world know, the rock band fad is fading out. I think the games are great, but all these branded rock bands are getting old. There should be one rock band, and downloadable updates and songs for new features, we don’t need a new release every six months, nobody can afford it. Bringing out the former Beatles and Yoko Ono, while cool, doesn’t help sell more. Next time, try to inform them what they are coming on stage for, they seemed a bit confused.

Tony Hawk: Ride

Activision skipped a year of Tony Hawk releases to develop this new skate board / game combo, and I think it paid off. It’s literally a full size skateboard controller without the wheels, it looks like a lot of fun. The only issue I see is you will need a good amount of room, and It costs $129. When It drops below a $100 I think it will be much more worth checking out.3587562065_285e990d01 Read more..

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