Disneyland has released the official second trailer for Prince of Persia. I am worried about the acting and the fact that it appears to campy but the action sequences look great. Hopefully they can pull this off but it worries me!

As you know, earlier I got my hands on a video preview of the new Prince of Persia film. EW, got an exclusive new photo with Jake Gyllenhaal as the prince Dastan. Check it out below!


If you have never played a Resident Evil game, they are quite an experience in themselves. I am not sure about the rest of you but when I played Resident Evil 1 for the first time and those dogs jumped through the window I nearly pee’d my pants. The game begins as Chris Redfield is deployed to Kijuju, Africa, to join Sheva Alomar and apprehend Ricardo Irving. Irving is attempting to sell a bio-organic weapon on the black market. Along the way, they witness a local being fed a parasite, which quickly takes control of his body, turning him into a Majini. From here on, almost all Kijuju locals seen by Chris and Sheva have been turned into Majini. At that point you are put on a wild chase taking out giant monsters, psycho zombies, and bizarre puzzles! Enjoy the ride.

Title: Resident Evil 5

The Good:

This game has many things going for it such as extremely deep and intriguing story line. Although the story line is a bit wild, the characters and cut scenes dig you deep into the world that you are convinced it all is real. The visuals in this game as insanely awesome, by far one of the best games visually on the 360 or PS3. When the characters talk and move around the quality is starting to get arguably close to that film Final Fantasy and the spirits within. One other great thing about this game is the insanely cool boss fights. When something ginormous jumps out at you and you have to figure out a way to kill it, shoot it, chase it, who knows what, it is a thrilling and challenging experience. To top off all this greatness is the fact you can do all these things, with a friend. Sitting down with a buddy and shooting the crap out of zombies. Nothing is better.  It’s what I was hoping for the moment I picked up the game Dead Rising.

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The new movie coming out this fall is already ramping up their marketing. As you know I have an obsession with Bruce Willis and his head. They launched this neat site advertising the product in the film which is some fun marketing. I have got my hands on some video from the new film. Almost a trailer with some interviews and film from the movie. Looks like a fun film, can’t wait! I have uploaded it to you tube, and embedded a copy for a mirror just in case. Click read more to see the mirror.

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Hey All,

I am a huge fan of Prince of Persia, When I heard Jerry Bruckheimer was doing a film, I was ecstatic. Finally a good video game film,  not some crap made by Uwe Boll. I found some new footage and I had to post it. The video talks a little bit about the characters, and the plot. Check it out! Post your comments what do you think? I have added a you tube video, and a embed mirror. Click read more to see the mirror.

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