Just saw the commercial and someone has nicely posted it online. You can see it below. In terms of FMV, Blizzard is staying on top of the game, this looks simply stunning. Feels like movie material. When is blizzard going to make a full motion picture with the technology they have. Come on Blizzard, get on it!

How did the NBA know the only way I would get interested in sports is by putting in a commercial for a new video game! Not only that, one of my favorites, Starcraft 2. The ad with air sometime during the second quarter of the game. In the meantime watch this previous trailer to get your Starcraft appetite wet.

Read the full announcement on Blizzards site.

I found this fan film, or something on YouTube. I am a huge fan of Mortal Kombat and actually liked the first film. Whoever did please, please get funding and finish it!

I just noticed that Costco is having a deal on EA games. Check it out here.

The second in the Twilight series revolves around Bella (Kristen Stewart) coming to grips with dating Edward, a closeted vampire, and then abruptly losing him and having to re-piece her life together in a small Washington town. This leads to the start of a very messy, and bloody, love triangle with Jacob, who has a secret of his own.

The Good:

Most of what’s good about this movie is due to Stephanie Meyer, the author of the insanely popular book series in which these movies are based on. The complex story of a love triangle between a lonely town girl who doesn’t quite fit in with the crowd and two very opposite end of the spectrum guys is intriguing to see played out. Will she choose the dark, mysterious Edward or the full of life, aggressive Jacob. Some of the effects in this higher budget second installment stand out as well, such as Bella cliff-diving and seeing flashes of Edward beneath the water.

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