Disneyland has released the official second trailer for Prince of Persia. I am worried about the acting and the fact that it appears to campy but the action sequences look great. Hopefully they can pull this off but it worries me!

Today 10 years ago I bought my Sega Dreamcast. Almost a year after that I created dcemulation.com, one of my most cherished creations and all around awesome websites. Let’s all take a moment and remember the good times of the Dreamcast such as some of the best Sonic games, Powerstone games, RE: Code Veronica, and more! Some awesome emulators: Bleem!, DreamSNES, NesterDC, and more. If you still have one, bring it out, burn some emulators and play some classics on it. Visit the DCEmu archive and pay tribute to all the good times that were once had.  I am going to take mine out and hook it up in my car for lunch breaks and road trips!

I have been a huge fan of Blizzard games since Rock and Roll Racing, Lost Vikings, and Warcraft 1. You may or may not know I created the site “Diablo 2 Hack List!” back in the day and it was the number 1 Diablo site on the net for a few years. I am writing this post to give you a quick rundown of what I thought of Blizzcon this year, and my experiences.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony merely announced a new expansion for WOW that we all knew was coming called Cataclysm. Not being a huge fan of WoW,  and it definately not being a game for the mid-core gamer, there isn’t much to say here. Although watching the trailer showing all of Azeroth converted to lava land seemed pretty darn cool. As far as I could tell, the changes that are coming to WOW with this new expansion pack are going to make people extremely happy. Read more..

I am not sure if anyone remembers Blizzcon last year and the mess that was the store line. It would stretch for hundreds of feet and take hours to get to the front to pay for what you want. Blizzard has learned there lessons from last year. The problem last year both have been resolved so far, First with the better online ordering process for the tickets and Second with the Blizzcon store death  line.

Starting August 5th at 10am, for 48 hours you will be able to buy all the same merchandise at the Blizzcon store online at http://www.blizzard.com/store. They will ship it to you, and you should have it in time for Blizzcon. Now you can spend more time enjoying things! Here is the official release after the jump.

Read more..

I don’t know if you guys rememeber that Jay Mohr hosted Blizzcon last year and it was a blast. I just got word from him via email that he is in-fact hosting it again this year! I took a screenshot and blurred out the email address(THIS IS NOT A TWITTER POST). In case anyone forgot, here is a video in which he jumps on one of the costume contest vehicles.


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