Starcraft 2 Commercial During NBA Game Thursday June 10th

How did the NBA know the only way I would get interested in sports is by putting in a commercial for a new video game! Not only that, one of my favorites, Starcraft 2. The ad with air sometime during the second quarter of the game. In the meantime watch this previous trailer to get your Starcraft appetite wet.

Read the full announcement on Blizzards site.

3 Responses

  1. Bowmanave Says:

    I saw just saw it but it was too fast! I was waiting for it to show up again but it did not… still, it was awesome i cant wait for starcraft 2 to release!

  2. Richard Nichols Says:

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  3. Essien Brooks Says:

    Yeah and im sure? the trailer is supposed to say "from XXdays to the release of this trailer, the wait is finally over" ? that's just dumb, and the fact you don't see that just make it all the worse.

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