Dreamcast 10 Year Anniversary Today

Today 10 years ago I bought my Sega Dreamcast. Almost a year after that I created dcemulation.com, one of my most cherished creations and all around awesome websites. Let’s all take a moment and remember the good times of the Dreamcast such as some of the best Sonic games, Powerstone games, RE: Code Veronica, and more! Some awesome emulators: Bleem!, DreamSNES, NesterDC, and more. If you still have one, bring it out, burn some emulators and play some classics on it. Visit the DCEmu archive and pay tribute to all the good times that were once had.  I am going to take mine out and hook it up in my car for lunch breaks and road trips!

2 Responses

  1. w<sdwf Says:

    happe birthday

  2. Fred504610 Says:

    lol dreamcast was my 1st console

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