Mid-Core Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The sixth and latest Harry Potter is set in the teenage years for Harry and friends.  When a movie involves teenagers, you know there are going to be hormones and relationships aplenty.  This installment works as a bridge to the end and final movies of the Harry Potter saga (Note: the last book will be split into two movies).  Harry is getting closer to learning the truth of Voldermort’s past and the Dark Lord is getting closer to the wizard himself.  As eluded to above, there is plenty of romance in this episode as well between Ron and Hermione, as well as Harry and the youngest of the Weasley clan.

The Good:

As a casual Harry Potter fan, I loved that the movie did not get to in depth in the wizard world and instead concentrated the story on the characters and building relationships.  The visuals were also stunning in making this world look so believable and majestic at the same time.

The Bad:

The one constant negative I have had about all the Harry Potter’s would be the running times.  I am in the firm belief that nearly every movie can be successful at a 2-hour length.  Some scenes will seem repetitive and could easily have been left out.


I have never read any of the books for Harry Potter and have only mildly enjoyed all of the movies in this lengthy series.   With that said, this was my favorite of all of them.  To see these young wizards grow up and become young adults was refreshing.  While, I still will not be on pins and needles waiting for the final chapter to be released in theatres, I do feel invested in these characters and want to see what will become of there world.

Runtime: 2 hr 20 min without trailers
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Rated: PG
Final Verdict: See it on the big screen or a REAL IMAX 3D theater.

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