Official Surrogates Trailer Now Online!

Last you saw of this film was the behind the scenes look I posted earlier. There were mixed receptions about the film preview I posted, but I think it looks cool and will definately go see. Touchstone released an official trailer for the film which you can see here. Enjoy!
SURROGATES trailer in HD

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  1. blog Says:

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  2. Rapidshare Movies Says:

    great post! nive movie! 🙂

  3. GabrielG Says:

    Some critics are not really pleased about the movies story but still no one can beat Bruce Willis.
    This wasn't a great weekend for sci fi movies, as two were released, Pandorum and Surrogates. Neither got great movie reviews or box office gates. Pandorum is a horror thriller about aliens terrorizing astronauts starting colonies in space, and Surrogates is about a future in which humans never leave home, sending a robot copy of them into the world. Bruce Willis, of course, is a cop in the film. (Yippie Ki Yay, program error!) Sci fi success doesn't come easy, so Pandorum not doing well is par for the course – but perhaps figuring out how to translate Surrogates into something the military could use might be worth armed forces loans, if it means less soldiers dying.

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