New Prince of Persia Movie Footage!

Hey All,

I am a huge fan of Prince of Persia, When I heard Jerry Bruckheimer was doing a film, I was ecstatic. Finally a good video game film,  not some crap made by Uwe Boll. I found some new footage and I had to post it. The video talks a little bit about the characters, and the plot. Check it out! Post your comments what do you think? I have added a you tube video, and a embed mirror. Click read more to see the mirror.


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14 Responses

  1. Ace Says:

    GAY!!! GAY!!! GAY!!! DISNEY GAY!!!!!

  2. Scott Says:

    Thanks for capturing the footage seanbajuice! More information at GamesToFilm –

  3. basic Says:

    will never see it because of jake GAYlenhal

  4. Amanda Says:

    Woo Hoo I am stoked…oh about the movie too, not just Jake's abs:)

  5. Anim-Arte Says:

    Thanx for the info, seems good but why they gave The Prince of Persia a name?

  6. JJC Says:

    What I don't understand is why, with the fantastic actors out there who are actually of that area of the world, Jake Gyllenhal gets cast as the lead.

  7. RoL Says:

    Hey, considering the Prince has a British accent in Sands of Time and Two Thrones, I think his ethnicity isn't really that big a deal.

    Not to mention Jake is freaking HOT!!! ^___^

  8. ?eba Says:

    It is some great news for every game fans, to be able to watch moves inspired by their lovable games. I guess it started with Mortal Combat, then Street Fighter, -> something concerning Final Fantasy and now Prince of Persia. I bet I have missed out on something here.

  9. Seanbajuice – Mid-Core Gamer Reviews and Tech News » Blog Archive » Prince of Persia movie, first official press photo! Says:

    […] you know, earlier I got my hands on a video preview of the new Prince of Persia film. EW, got an exclusive new photo with Jake Gyllenhaal as the […]

  10. Bowmanave Says:

    I wish they would make a realistic? movie about ancient Persia. Persia had plenty of real grate kings why can't they make a movie about Cyrus the grate or Darius or Xerxes.

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  12. webhostingiq Says:

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