Regarding! Where did it go? *UPDATE 9* 03/10/2009

Hello everyone from,

My name is 007Cheater and I’m the creator and owner of, a previous staff member has *hacked* the old site by destroying everything on and moved it to his own servers without permission. Not only is this illegal and I will be pursuing legal action if not resolved, this is extremely disrespectful to me the creator of DCEmu and the willful host of DCEmu for many years.

I trusted this individual very much and everything he has done is deceitful, hateful, and disrespectful. I am in the process of bringing the site back to its original state, if you know anything about this matter or would like to help please contact me at seany187 (at)

The IRC Channel has also been taken over, please visit the original channel channel #dcemu, the channel #dcemulation is a fraud!

Thank you!

*Update 5* is back up and opperational as the old site with old downloads, original tutorials, etc…still need to get a few things running, forums have been restored however I am having some minor issues with them.

*Update 6*
The forums should be up shortly along with the rest of the site working by end of day today, I am removing all mods and admins because I am not sure who I can trust at this point, if anyone spams the board they will be banned.

*Update 7*
Forums are backup! Good for referencing past posts, and previous tutorials etc… Post spam and you will be banned. Also got most functions back working like CD Covers, FAQs, stuff that hasn’t been up in ages.

*Update 8*
DCemu is Dead, Former DCEMU Admin Deleted everything. Contact me if you need something, I will try to put it back up.

*Update 9*
I have put the DCEmu archive back up at I am still working out some kinks. But for those of you still interested in DCEmu and a great place for getting started, this is still a great resource!