Vin Diesel while promoting his new film just posted a status updating, letting us all know a new Chronicles of Riddick movie is coming up next! I am hoping this is true as I was a huge fan of the film, and was really looking forward to the Trilogy.

I am not your average XBOX 360 fan, but recently I had a bit of a predicament. I got a second XBOX 360, one for upstairs and one for down stairs. The new one is a Console S and the old one is an Elite. I find myself wanting to play games upstairs, XBOX Live, and Single Player games and I was moving my entire XBOX up and down the stairs. Quite annoying. Of course the immediate thought is why not just bring your Hard Drive. Well that previously was a good solution, but now that that 360 S is out, it’s not longer an option as they use different types of hard drives. After doing some research I couldn’t find anyone with a good solution but I figured one out. I now have Three XBOX 360s and this method works great.

All you need is a 4GB or greater USB / Thumb Drive, you can pick them up anywhere (Amazon, Office Depot, Best Buy) or you can get an Official XBOX One. They are cheap, usually less then $10.

Step 1: Plug the USB Drive into your console then go to system settings, memory, and select your drive which will be labeled unformatted. After selecting it you will be given the option to format it. After the format it will only be compatible with XBOX (Keep in mind all your data will be deleted on that USB Drive so back it up first)
Step 2: Go to System Settings and Memory management.
Step 3: Find your Gamer Profile, press A and then there should also be an option to Move/Copy it. Press it and select your new USB Drive.
Step 4: While still in Memory Management, find the games you are currently playing and do the same, copy/move the saved games  it to the USB Drive.
Step 5: Now when you plug it into any XBOX 360 your gamer profile will immediately show up and allow you to login to XBOX Live and it will also allow you to choose the drive for saved games.

If you are having issues using that method, you can delete your profile from your HD and Flash Drive, then do Recover your Gamertag to the Flash Drive.

*Update 2*
The new XBOX Fall Dashboard update coming out in a few weeks has the cloud save ability built in. To use properly, you need to delete your profile from any devices, and re-cover it to each console. After you have completed that you need to go into System / Storage and enable the cloud drive on both consoles. Enjoy!

Important Notes:

  • Keep in mind not all games support this, and some games require you to MOVE rather then copy. Some games are also buggy, Fable 3 (now fixed) would corrupt your saved game, not cool. So test it with an earlier save first.
  • If you lose your jump drive, or it get’s corrupted you lose those saved games, but you can always recover your gamertag so don’t worry about losing that.
  • You have to be logged into XBOX Live on the other consoles to play any downloaded content, but this does work.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments and I will try to help you out.

I just got word via a survey that Blizzard is considering allowing users of next Blizzcon to play games during blizzcon from home along with watching the stream from XBOX Live. See the screenshot below. This is super exciting for people like me, who are getting sick of the lines but would gladly pay to get my hands on demo versions of their latest games. If they used a service like OnLive, I think this could work out perfect.

Hello all,

I have launched a new site I have been working on for quite some time. It’s a fun idea and I think it has a lot of room growth. Check it out.


I just got word back from Jay that he is indeed hosting Blizzcon again this year. As most of you know, he actually does a pretty good job, he is funny, makes good use of props and overall I think is a blast to watch. I can’t wait to see him again and what he comes up with.

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